Team 1- Shovel Your Driveway


Team 1 Conflict Movie Ken and Sue (married couple) have a shared driveway with Bob. Bob is a retired health and safety professional and lives alone. This is not the first time that Bob has fallen on Ken and Sue’s driveway, but the first time that he has been injured and required nursing assistance. Ken and Sue work at the local medical facility as community nurses. Bob has a firm belief that Ken and Sue should be clearing their snow to ensure people don’t fall, but has never mentioned this to them. Ken and Sue are much more focused on getting off to work first thing in the morning and they worry about the snow clearing in the evening. Mary is Ken and Sue’s manager as well as the LHIN manager. She believes that they are busy nurses who should be given a break for not shovelling the snow in their shared driveway. Faye, is a neighbour from across the street and really enjoys living in the neighbourhood. Tanya and Faye are good friends and share concern for Bob’s well being