Lake Devo Conflict Case Scenario Adam is a child that attends the nearby daycare. He has been consistently showing irregular behavior within the past week. He is typically a happy child but has suddenly been quiet, by himself in a corner, and away from the kids. The Early Childhood Educator (ECE) goes up to the child and talks to him, she notices that there are bruises and cuts underneath his sweater. The ECE shares the information that she has collected with the interdisciplinary team which encompases nurses and social workers. The social worker concluded that she saw signs of abuse and was going to further investigate. The nurses conducted their own assessment and concluded that it may have been bruises that came from common activities. Furthermore, the nurses all want to close the case while the ECE and social worker think the latter. They begin to have a heated argument about the entire case due to the nurses inability to understand that the child could be in danger. The conflict deescalates when one of the nurses begins to hear out the other disciplines and encourages the nurses to work collaboratively with them to ensure that the child is safe.