The School Board Scuffle


The nutrition and health teacher notices that a student seems like he has lost weight and is becoming antisocial along with declining marks in his classes.The guidance counsellor is informed that the student sometimes does not bring lunch, and when he does, it does not seem to be healthy. Thus, both the guidance counsellor and school nurse try to talk to the student, however the student does not give much information, and is mostly quiet and avoidant throughout the interaction.The guidance counsellor, the school nurse and the nutrition and health teacher are discussing what next steps to take when the School Health and Safety worker (OHS) happens to see the student in the hallway and notices he has bruises on his left leg and arm, along with signs depicting malnourishment and sleep deprivation. When they already see the malnourishment, OHS worker and guidance counsellor think it may be signs of abuse, and wish to call the Children’s Aid Worker (CAS) while the School Nurse and Nutrition and Health teacher are opposed to calling CAS. The conflict escalates between the professionals as they discuss whether CAS should be called and the implications for the family if things go poorly.