Does Mama Know Best?!


Bobby, a grade 4 student, seems to be falling behind in his school work. The ECE and CYC in his class have started to recognize a shift in his academic performance and start working one on one with the child without informing his parents. After working with him for some time and coming to the conclusion that there may be a bigger issue at play, they decide to take things into their own hands and talk to one of the nurses who work at the school. They ask for her medical assessment due to what they have observed in the classroom setting with this student, and note that there is a great chance that the child may have a learning disability. Shortly after, they all decide to call in the child’s mother and to set up a meeting. They mention that there is testing that can be done to get assessed him and to see if he may have a learning disability. Karyn becomes very upset and believes that the ECE and CYC teachers, as well as the nurse, are insinuating that her child is ‘stupid’. However, Karyn lacks understanding on the topic of child development and thinks that a possible learning disability will mean that he will never be successful in life. She immediately hesitates to start a process like this as she is a single mother and does not think she will have the means to pay for something like this. This escalates into Karyn putting the blame on the teachers and nurse and insists that there is nothing wrong with her son. Rather, she believes that it is the fault of both teachers and the nurse for not teaching her son properly. Both the ECE and CYC, and the nurse, all know that this testing is what is best for Bobby’s academic success in the future. They all disagree with the mother’s opinion of not wanting to progress with testing. But Karyn continues to believe they are insinuating that her child is slower than the rest, and even thinks that they are attacking her ability at being a good mother. This fills her with rage, so she brings in an Education Attorney - a close friend of hers - with her to Bobby’s school the following day. The situation escalates and frustration starts to build between both parties. But who is right? Does momma really know best?