The People vs Detective Jared


`·.¸`·.¸WINNER - PEOPLE'S CHOICE AWARD - TIFF - 2018¸.·´¸.·´ `·.¸`·.¸WINNER - BEST ROMANTIC COMEDY - NYIFF - 2018¸.·´¸.·´ ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ When Detective Jared Henry gets called into the hospital, to investigate the death of a high-profile patient who suddenly died of a suspicious seizure, he gets more than he bargained for. The patient’s family suspects “foul play” by the hospital staff. The two nurses who administered the medication, claim it was the dietitian’s alternative enteral formula that caused havoc. The dietitian says it was the economist who changed the enteral formula to save funds. The economist in turn, blames the incompetencies of all the other staff on floor. Meanwhile, the social worker, hired to help the patient, does not cooperate with the detective in silent protest. With a heavy dose of bickering, blaming and underlying shade, Jared almost wants to give up; but then he remembers why he became a detective in the first place. Join Jared and the other members of the hospital as they wade through the “he said/she said/they said” conflict, in this crowd pleasing thriller, where anyone may or may not be a murderer. **** Running Time: 90min - Rated: PG13 - Genre: Rom-Com, Mystery