Conflict In Alleged Abuse Case


DJOT Team 8: A group of professionals gather in a hospital conference room in order to discuss the case of a potentially abused child. The child’s teacher, who the child disclosed the abuse to, believes that it is in the child’s best interest to be removed from the home, despite the lack of evidence to back up the child’s claim. The social worker, also with the child’s best interest in mind, agrees. On the other hand, the hospital did not find definitive signs of abuse after examination by the nurse, and the psychologist they brought in believes that because the child’s story has inconsistencies: he may not be telling the truth and thus the family should not be unnecessarily broken apart. The mediator guides the discussion between the two sides, in which evidence and professional opinions are taken into consideration. In the end, the group reaches the consensus that there is not enough evidence to remove the child from the home. The child will remain with their parents, but they will undergo family therapy and have scheduled visits from the social worker.