Lake Devo Group 14C


Food Marketing- The movie revolves around one main character who represents the average household consumer with an average knowledge about healthy eating and food marketing. Natasha (consumer) who looks to live a healthy lifestyle knows the importance of healthy-eating to lose weight. In this week's shopping list, Natasha includes some foods that may sound healthy but is it really. The ingredients listed sound very concerning to Natasha, who luckily came across another customer (Jasdeep) in the store who is well versed in healthy eating and food marketing. Jasdeep educates Natasha with some food marketing misconceptions and teaches her about concepts such as "distancing". The Grocery Store Manager who comes to find about the extra-curriculam that is happening in the store is afraid that this will ruin sales for his store and tries to put an end to this, only to find out the "other customer" in the store was really a CFIA officer disguised as a customer for her inspection.