Attiwapiskat First Nation Food Security Group 13


The movie takes place in the isolated First Nations Reserve of Attiwapiskat that is located in an exclusive area beside the Attiwapiskat River on James Bay. This isolated community experiences food insecurity as there are challenges to obtaining accessible quality food. In the Attiwapiskat reserve there are no paved roads, instead food is delivered through a near by airport and on dirt roads. Due to this, life isn’t easy in Attiwapiskat and the cost of feeding a family is more than twice that of a family in Toronto with families spending more than half of their income on food alone. Members of the community have addressed that this is a concern to their health, quality of life and financial situation. This has instigated an emergency community meeting to address the obstacles of food insecurity. Through this meeting a long term solution will be explored with the collaboration of the members of community and health professionals.