Local Food Security Collaboration - LD Group 3B


Our movie takes place in Toronto, Ontario where there is a large immigrant population. Maria, a recent immigrant from Colombia and her son Diego, decide to take a stroll in a local grocery store to see what food options are available. Upon arriving at the grocery store, Maria is shocked to see the prices of local and international foods. She is directed to a food bank by the grocery store clerk Jeffrey, where he points out cheaper options for her and her son. Jeffrey meets up with Mike, a food bank worker, to discuss options for Maria and Diego. It is evident that during their visit to the food bank, there are significant barriers affecting Maria’s access to food, also known as food security. Together, Mike and Jeffrey decide to contact their city counsellor to discuss issues that affect immigrant’s food security to better their community. They receive encouragement and support from their city counsellor, something both gentlemen were not expecting.