Food Insecurity at Rye-High ( Group 6C )


In this movie, the issue of lack of food security and sovereignty will be presented. Zayn who is a student at Rye high school and comes from a low-income family will demonstrate this issue. Due to these circumstances, he is unable to acquire the healthy and nutritious meals that the other students at Rye high school are privileged to have. As a result, Zayn’s performance in school begins to suffer which ultimately shows how food security should be acknowledged and addressed. A teacher at Rye high school, Ms. Weatherbee, recognizes Zayn’s decline in his academic performance, which results in Zayn opening up to Ms.Weatherbee about his circumstance at home. In doing so, Ms. Weatherbee approaches their principal, Ms. Grundy, about what she has learned about Zayn and advocates for him and the other students who may be suffering from lack of food security. With the help of Ms. Grundy and her approval to start a Breakfast program initiative as a way of tackling this issue, Ms. Grundy calls upon the staff and students of Rye high school. In doing so, the school becomes aware of how food security can affect school performance and eventually the program becomes a success as Zayn expresses how his academic standings in school and motivation to come to school has improved.