A Father’s Hope vs. a Daughter’s Belief


Sarah Goldstein has been receiving treatment for her cancer diagnosis. It has taken a great toll on her body and mind leaving her with a great deal of physical pain and anxiety. Sarah has decided that she would like to stop treatment because she can no longer withstand the side effects of the medication and would like to live out her days at home. A conflict arises between Sarah and her father because Sarah’s father is in a panic because he wants his daughter to finish her treatment as it is her only hope at survival. The father is desperate for his daughter to continue treatment which leads Sarah becoming angry with the health professionals who are treating her. Conflicts arise between the nurse, psychologist, patience service coordinator and the father, when they attempt to find the best course of treatment for Sarah. The nurse, psychologist, patience service coordinator and Sarah’s father all attempt to put their differences aside and come to an agreement on how to provide Sarah with the best treatment.