Group 9C: An Attempt to Market “Power Bars”


Will Activation’s food marketing of their new product, “Power Bars” be enough to get these protein bars on the shelves of Healthy Life Food Stores? In an attempt to sell the new protein bars, called “Power Bars,” the multi-national food and beverage company, Activation, sends their top Marketing Representative, Kaira, to Healthy Life Food Stores in the suburbs of Placeville. Founded over 30 years ago, Healthy Life Food Stores, commonly known as Healthy Life, started as a small, local food market in an attempt to offer healthy foods to what was once a poor neighborhood. As the decades passed, the neighbourhood economically flourished and so did Healthy Life! No longer a small, local food market, Healthy Life Food Stores became a franchise with 6 stores in the neighbouring suburbs of Placeville. Since Healthy Life is well known for attracting customers for its focus on environment and food ethics, large companies have tried to sell their products and make it onto the shelves of Healthy Life! Will Kaira’s persuasions be powerful enough to push Power Bar onto the shelves of Health Life? Or will Healthy Life send Kaira back to Activation without selling a single box? Find out more by watching An Attempt to Market “Power Bars”