Saving The World One Meal At A Time


Eliza, a non-vegetarian University student has been feeling unenergetic and sluggish. After watching a television show called “The Urban Vegetarian”, Eliza calls her friend Vanessa, who is a vegetarian, to discuss the topic of the show as it made her think about changing her diet and lifestyle. Eliza and Vanessa get together at Freshii to have a conversation about vegetarianism. The two friends decide to go to Whole Foods Market to introduce Eliza to a more healthy diet without meat. Eliza and Vanessa meet an employee, Amelia, and the three of them discuss food printing and the green lifestyle.That evening, Eliza and Vanessa attend a dinner party hosted by a group of vegetarian activists. There they meet Carly a vegan, who talks about her food journey and informs the two friends about this type of lifestyle.