Food Insecurity Among Families in Thorncliffe Park


A meeting has been called by the Community Health Centre Organization after noticing numerous clients have been coming to seek services on health issues. The organization has come up to help construct community food insecurity development programs to provide community solutions and workshops. Many workshops have previously taken place throughout the year to inform families that are financially constrained on how to manage and overcome food insecurity. Although these workshops have provided useful information, the Community Health Centre Organization must address the current issues that clients have brought forward with a new development program. Following a workshop attended by a community worker, the organization gathered to identify the needs to develop new strategies with food insecurity and boost healthy eating habits among communities. Many issues addressed by the community included obesity, diabetes, accessibility to food banks and nutrition. The families involved have expressed their support with the future changes the organization is willing to create. The decision was made to hold a meeting within the Community Health Centre Organization to look for a solution for the numerous clients that have been seeking specific services on health issues. Issues with food security and healthy eating have been discussed with the community worker, chef, dietician and local mother visiting the organization.