Group 2- Community Centre


The Ryerson neighbourhood has recently seen a shift in the way the greater community has viewed this particular area. Crime rates are up, there are conflicts between residents as well as an increased rate of poverty. The funding for the community recreation centre was provided by the government to revitalize the neighbourhood into a more accessible and vibrant area. This revitalization appeals to young families and the creative/working class in order to attract more residents that will stay for a long period of time. A neighbourhood near Ryerson has just received approval for funding that involves the building and development of a new recreation centre. Funders have asked that key community members, stakeholders and community advisors, approved by the funders, to attend the meeting to determine the purpose of the new space. Funders asked that an environmentalist, historical member, CYC, nurse and social worker attend the meeting as their perspective is important to the community. These diverse professions will offer insight into their particular area of study. The timeline to start building the next recreation centre is within the next year, so they are pressed on time to determine an adequate location and selection of programmes to offer.