Group 5


Community Development Team Research Purpose: To have participants create a vision for what their future local food system could look to inform city officials in the development of a strategy to work toward that vision. This will require discussion around the gaps in the current food system from each participant’s perspective, which is the focus of the meeting that will be role played. Community Description: Low-income, urban neighbourhood in Canada. List of Characters: Researcher Community NGO representative Senior, Recent Chinese Immigrant Single parent, low-income Two Spirited First Nations young adult First Nations middle aged woman Assumptions: All participants have consented to the research and are willing to actively participate The participants are aware that this is a collaborative research project and that feedback will be shared with them, as well as City officials to aid in the development of a local food system strategy All participants are literate There are no language barriers (the researcher speaks multiple languages) A broad selection of nutritious and culturally diverse foods have been provided for the focus group session