Group 3: Women's Shelter Staff Meeting


A woman named Tina, recently arrived at TPH Women’s Shelter with her 11 year old daugher seeking help. Tina was 7 months pregnant when she arrived and explained that she was in an abusive relationship with her husband. However, Tina finds out that her time at the shelter is coming to an end this week as the manager has a 2 month stay policy. Tina is worried because her social worker has not secured her housing as of yet and explains she will have nowhere to go. TIna’s apartment may not be ready for another 3 weeks and Tina’s baby is approaching. The staff come to work on Monday morning at 8am and prepare for their daily staff meeting. The nurse finds discharge papers on the desk for Tina to be released Wednesday morning. She is very upset with this news as the manager did not discuss an official discharge plan with the rest of the team. All the staff members come into the room for their meeting to discuss Tina's case. However, the staff cannot seem to come to an agreement and conflict begins.