Team 6: Addressing Child Neglect


Megan is the teacher of Marcus, a student who she is concerned with because she has noticed signs of neglect. Megan approaches Elainah, a public health nurse, about her concerns. Both Megan and Elainah discuss their possible options about how to best address this situation. They decide to bring in Samantha, a family lawyer, and Vanessa, a children’s aid worker. Both have worked with Marcus and his family in the past. Megan and Elainah believe that Marcus should not be removed from the home. However, Samantha and Vanessa are concerned for Marcus’ safety, even if that means removing him from his home. With this disagreement a mediator is brought in, Daehee, a sociologist researcher at the school. After the mediator has heard from both sides, a compromise is reached. Marcus will remain in his home for a few more months while being monitored. After this period, if things do not change then Marcus will be removed from the home to promote his safety and well-being.