Lake Devo was designed by the Digital Education Strategies unit of The G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education in 2009 to support online role-play activity in an educational context.

This unique, online role-play environment was developed in keeping with constructivist principles and allows learners to work synchronously, using visual, audio, and text elements to create avatars and interact in online role-play scenarios. Role-play activity is captured, and published as a 2-D "movie" that a group of learners may review, discuss, debate and analyze in Lake Devo's self-contained debrief area. Lake Devo’s chat tool allows users to check in with each other “out of role” while they are using the tool.

The site was designed to support ease-of-use, so that learners can focus on the role-play activity itself, rather than spending time learning the technology. It was also conceptualized to be as flexible as possible so that learners and facilitators from a wide range of disciplines and subject areas might make use of the role-play environment.

The environment is used by students and instructors in a variety of academic disciplines at Ryerson University.

For more information about the history, design, and use of Lake Devo, please refer to the following resources: